What's In It For Us?

Welcome To My Website!

Welcome to my website. This site is a compilation of all that I have learned in my life. As of this writing I have just turned 62. I have been faithful in my Bible study and church attendance for 40 years not including being raised in church and a fairly active member in our church youth group.
God has blessed me by being able to spend a lot of time in my car listening to Christian radio and Christian teaching tapes; plus I have watched a lot of Christian TV. This, along with daily Bible reading and raising five children, has given me a lot of insight into the way life works. All of this writing is being done for my children and you get to listen in. I am not an ordained minister and don’t feel lead in that direction. I have though done my share of church work.
I have a BBA in Industrial Management from The University of Texas at Austin and have been in business since graduating in 1972. God has fixed my workload and my income so I have plenty of time to write. I believe God wants me to write down what I know.
I decided early in life that the more Word I had inside me the better my life would be.
Even though this writing is under copyright you may download and send to people or you may make printed copies as long as no money changes hands.
S. F. Higgins

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